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2009.08.19 (Wed)

Japan Trip '09

Going to School in Japan
The main thing that we enjoyed while we were in Japan was kids got to attend the elementary school and the kindergarten.
Lanlan was in the 1st grade, Boo and Hap went to the kindergarten near by Grandpa's house.
they were nervous, but they really really enjoyed going to school (kindergarten). They made some new friends, too!
Of course thier Japanese got improved. (Kids are so fast to pick up language!!!)

My First Bentos
For the kindergarten, they (or I should say "I") were required to bring their home lunch. So here they are!!! I did it for the first time! Real Japanese Bento! I made Boo's and Hap's Bento (home lunch) almost every day! Thank goodness, I got saved by the frozen already made side dish...
Since Malu-chan and I were the only ones staying home, it was so nice that the kindergarten had open house and summer festival which family members were welcome.
I got to see how Boo and Hap were doing there.
Can't you tell how happy Hap was in this pic?

with my cousin in Haruka
(Our cute and funny niece, Chikka on the way to fukuoka)

I could not even come back when both of my grandparents past away (different time). So this time was the chance for us to visit thier graveyard.
My mom took us all and my sister-in-law (& her daughter) to Fukuoka where my grandparents were buried.

then, we got to see most of my cousins and thier kids!
12 kids at the buffet restaurant!!!! (and bout 10 adults) Crazy!!
but it was great to see them all.

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